Harry's Curls

hes not 20.....
i refuse so believe it....
don't tell me otherwise.....

- Singed Don’t Stop EP Giveaway -


So as you may or may not know 5sos have signed a limited amount of their latest single/EP ‘Don’t Stop’ which were only available in 2 HMV’s in London. So I decided to buy an extra copy to send out :) (sorry about the shitty image quality)


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  • i will be choosing the winner on 4th July 
  • I will be posting worldwide 
  • No payments, I’ll cover the cost for the postage 
  • The winner will be chosen at random 

For any

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harry has been getting this BULLSHIT thrown at him about older women and being a fucking womanizer since he was 17 even though he’s always conducted himself in the most RESPECTFUL way and has demonstrated how much he values women and doesn’t like when people say these things about him…..he is STILL a young kid like give it a break why are people so goddamn shitty I’m so tired of it.